Our Services

Caring is what we do best

Breese Nursing Home , Skilled Nursing Facility & Assisted Living Facility


Well Care Home is a unique healthcare system that offer dialysis services on-site for our residents with end stage renal disease.

Physical Therapy

Our comprehensive physical therapy programs are tailored to individual needs, aiming to restore mobility, enhance strength, and improve overall function.

Skilled Nursing Care

With round-the-clock certified nurses and nurse aides, we provide attentive, expert care to ensure the well-being and comfort of our residents.

Short Term And Long Term Care

Whether for short-term recovery or long-term support, our facility offers personalized care plans to meet varying needs and goals.

IV Therapy

Our skilled medical staff administers IV therapy, delivering crucial medications and fluids with precision and care.

Nutrition Support

We provide personalized nutritional guidance and support, ensuring that each resident receives appropriate dietary care to promote overall health.

Advance Wound Care

Our specialized wound care services employ advanced techniques and treatments to facilitate healing and prevent complications.

Cardiac Care and Rehabilitation

Tailored cardiac rehabilitation programs are designed to promote heart health and recovery, supported by specialized care and therapies.

Hospice Care

Compassionate and dignified hospice care is available to provide comfort and support for residents and their families during challenging times.

Palliative Care

Our palliative care services focus on improving quality of life by addressing pain and discomfort, offering holistic support for residents and families.

Occupational and Speech Therapy

Our dedicated therapists offer comprehensive occupational and speech therapy services aimed at enhancing daily functioning and communication skills.

24/7 Available Certified Physicians

A board-certified physician is accessible 24/7 to oversee and ensure the highest standards of medical care and intervention.